Charusu Senju
(千手チャルス) Senju Charusu


Chapter 1

Based On

Charles Hampton


December 14






182.9 cm


68.0 kg

Blood Type



Senju Clan



Charusu Senju is a Chunin rank shinobi and is a main character is the series. He is a member of the Senju Clan. He is on Team Neji along with Ashuri Hyuuga and Ken Yamanaka.


When Charusu was little, he was often made fun of because of his glasses. When he was 9, Ashuri saw him crying, and the two quickly became friends.

As time passed, he was made fun of less and less. His feelings for Ashuri grew from admiration for her ability to tolerate bullies to affection. The affection quickly faded when he met Ashuri's other friends Madii, Seiji, Shanon, and Kurea. He quickly began to think he was in love with Kurea, but he realized his feelings for her were just sibling feelings, and he stopped pursuing her.

Charusu's family life was never explained, but it is assumed he gets along well with his family. When he told Ashuri his love for Kurea was actually sibling love, Ashuri became angry and said "You already have a sister! She's married and has a kid! You don't want Roraa as a sister so much, you're willing to call a girl you barely know your sister?" This is, so far, the only time Charusu's sister is mentioned.


Charusu is an emotionally unstable boy. His instability and Ashuri's low goofing off tolerance often clash. When people make fun of him, he often takes the comments seriously and becomes depressed. This annoys Ashuri, often causing her to yell at him to "suck it up and move on."

Many (if not all) of Ashuri's friends find Charusu to be an incompetent idiot. Ashuri appears to be the worst, often stating her animosity towards his immaturity.

He is also a pervert, often making sexual comments towards Ashuri or Seika. When he sees Ashuri for the first time in the series, he notices how "sexy" she's gotten. Seika often takes his comments awkwardly, but Ashuri takes his comments aggressively, punching or kicking him when he makes them.


Charusu profile (Sai)

Charusu's official profile

Charusu is self-conscious about his height (182.9 cm or 6'). He has short light brown hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses. He wears a red T-shirt with the Senju Clan logo on the front, green pants, and black sandals. He wears his headband on his forehead.

When it comes to muscularity, Charusu is rather skinny; he isn't very muscular.